DIGI 220 - Course Introduction

VIU Media Studies Department - Robin Davies

Why the Web?

[The Web] is the marketplace for the world. It is the best place to define what makes you unique and valuable. - Chad Crouch, cre8tivegroup.com


  • What are your personal top two most-visited websites?
  • What is the role of a Web Producer?

Lecture Overview

  • Intro to Course
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assignments
  • Course Textbook
  • Media Studies Web Space

Introduction to Course

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Outline
  • Course Lectures (using these files)
  • D2L

Class Learning Outcomes

  • What do you want to learn?

Class Learning Outcomes

  • In this class we will be building a technique for technical learning and troubleshooting
  • Ideally, everyone will become self-propelled web producers

Course Assignments

  • Quizzes (30)
  • Labs (30)
  • Term Project: Proposal (10)
  • Term Project: Website (30)


  • Most weeks
  • Completed online
  • Are available right after class (see D2L), and must be completed by the following Tuesday morning.
  • Worth 30% of course mark
  • Mostly material from the previous week
  • NO MAKEUPS FOR MISSED QUIZZES unless you have a valid, documented absence
  • Valid absences are medical, family emergency or religious holdiay


  • Worth 30% of course mark
  • Will be demonstrated and started in class or online
  • Standard sections earn a maximum of 7/10 marks
  • Advanced sections earn an additional 3/10 marks
  • NO MAKEUPS FOR MISSED LABS - ALL LATE LABS GET ZERO unless you have a valid, documented absence

Term Project Proposal

  • Worth 10% of course mark
  • Details on D2L
  • Be sure to get started on this in a timely manner!
  • At least start thinking about your web project very soon

Term Project

  • Worth 30% of course mark
  • You choose the subject and create the content
  • Content may come from another course
  • I will evaluate based on the design (information & visual), on the technical validity of your work, and on adherence to your proposal
  • Choose a topic which interests you!

Course Textbook

  • There is no textbook for the course!
  • The best texts stand the test of time
  • For the quickly changing technology of web design, there aren't many books like this
  • Many online resources have already been added to D2L
  • If you come across other useful sources in your travels, please feel free to post them in the class Forum!

Web Server Account

  • You will each be provided with a free, VIU-hosted web server account
  • This will allow you to upload your labs to a live server for testing (and marking)
  • We will do this together in your first lab (next week)
  • This account will be good for the duration of the class
  • Major and Minor DMS students can keep their account for the duration of their time at VIU if requested
  • This is a great opportunity to practice managing your own webspace!