DIGI 260 - Animation, frame-by-frame

How about a little Latin to start the day?

Uses of Animation


There aren’t a lot of really good tools to get us from that visual timeline-based animation and translating that to code, especially translating that into code that engineers would be happy to put in the final product. - Val Head. Great podcast here.

Some Historical Moments:

Persistence of vision:

"If our eyes were quicker and our brains not so gullible, we'd see movies and cartoons as an endless procession of monotonous freeze frames, with characters chronicled in every imaginable pose like an obsessive-compulsive comic book that never gets to the point." - Sean Wagstaff

Animation terms:

(Some) Principles of animation:

These stem from Disney animators taking classes at art school, aiming for more realistic and believable movements.

Many of the principles of animation as discussed by John Lasseter and others rely on the virtual world having the believable properties of the real world, such as consistent mass and volume. With software, we can create some realistic collisions of different objects which draw attention to the physical properties of those objects.

See more videos like this here.

Norman McLaren

"Always the very abstract films was the thought that those dots or blobs are human creatures or animals. It doesn't matter which" - 1974